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Wool Mix Thermal Socks

By Elton on January 19,2007

IMPORTANT: The following review is offered for free use on any website operating the TackleBargains.co.uk affiliate scheme. Apart from obvious spelling and grammar mistakes, the text may not be changed in any way. Obviously, links should be changed to include your affiliate code! Image placement is entirely up to you.

Sometimes, as a reviewer, you need to sit down and write a small essay on the virtues of a product. You need to put it through its paces and say what you find good about it, whilst mentioning any dislikes. It can be a lengthy process, especially as you're hoping to write something that doesn't just sound like the regurgitated press releases that some publications are happy to reproduce and label as 'reviews'.

These socks aren't one of those products!

There isn't a great deal to say. Tackle Bargains have done what they often do - found a good, honest product and churned it out at a bargain price!

Made from at least 30% wool (one style is 30%, the other 35%), these socks are soft, comfortable and warm. Tackle Bargains claim that they are 'hard wearing and durable' and I can't dispute that. I've been using mine for a week or so (yes, I do wash them!) on my daily dog-walking exercise and they are serving me well. I probably walk further every day with the dog than I would ever do when fishing, so this is a better test for most items of clothing and footwear, in my opinion!

At the time of writing, the medium length socks are £10 for four pairs, or £25 for 12 pairs and the longer socks are £12 for 4 pairs or £30 for 12 pairs. Good value.

Click here to view to check current availability and prices.

Elton Murphy - www.AnglersNet.co.uk


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