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Shortening Long Affiliate Links

By Elton on April 27,2007

When sending out newsletters, affiliate links can often be long and untidy. It has also been suggested that some people strip out the affiliate code before visiting the site. That means that all the hard work that the webmaster has done can be undone in an instant. The site may still get the sale, but you don't get your commission.

Here's one way around it. I used this recently on the TackleBargains site that I'm affiliated to, as well as Spex-4-Less .

TackleBargains were running a promotion. My affiliate link to the offers page was:


However, I thought that this was a bit long, so I set up a folder on my site called /offers/ and saved the following code as index.php into it:


header("Location: http://www.tacklebargains.co.uk/cgi-bin/at.cgi?a=232715&e=/specialoffers.htm");


There is a space after ("Location: - it may show as a line break on here, but it's just a space. Please make sure yours is the same!

If you do something similar, replacing the affiliate link with one of your own, then the resulting link to pass on to your visitors will be:


You can call the folder what you want.Obviously, replace YOURSITEDOMAIN with your site url!

If you are part of the TackleBargains or Spex-4-Less affiliate schemes and don't understand what I've said above, please drop me a line and I'll try help you (if I'm not away fishing!).

Obviously, the tip above should work with any affiliate scheme, so long as their terms and conditions don't forbid it (I can't see why they should).

WARNING: Before you send out any affiliate links, test them! I've made the mistake of not doing so before and it's painful!!

Good luck with those sales!


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